It’s fun to go to the seaside

A day exploring the amazing temples of Hampi, followed by some R&R over New Years in Goa


Japan 101: JR Passes & 7-Elevens

Blogged by Dave Japan is a place that both Anne and I have been keen to visit for a long time, but have never had the chance due to its great distance from South Africa. So we were happy when we found really cheap direct tickets leaving from Bali, and so the 2 and half…… Continue reading Japan 101: JR Passes & 7-Elevens

Stupa Troopers – three things to love about Myanmar

Blogged by Anne   We had a flight booked to Singapore and a little under 2 weeks free before heading to Thailand for Tammy and Andrew’s wedding so we searched Singapore to ‘anywhere’ on Skyscanner and looked at the three cheapest destinations – Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Yangon. Although Dave has been to Myanmar, I…… Continue reading Stupa Troopers – three things to love about Myanmar