On the road again

A short road trip to KwaZulu-Natal and southern Mozambique for weddings, wildlife and water!


Self-drive through Namibia and Botswana – the details

This post is mostly so that we can remember how we did things next time we plan a trip like this. But it might be useful to someone planning something similar or interesting if you like the practical stuff. It contains some detail on our equipment and our final detailed itinerary as well as an…… Continue reading Self-drive through Namibia and Botswana – the details

5 tips for gourmet camping

1. Single use sachets Sachets are compact, light and easy to pack and dispose of. Single use sachets save you from having to store open ingredients and protect them from moisture and bugs. They are also easy ways to pack small quantities. We found an amazing variety of them, including: – Thai curry paste (not…… Continue reading 5 tips for gourmet camping

Up close and personal

For our last few days in Botswana we had decided to head to Tuli, on the border of Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. However, to break up the long journey from the Okavango we spent a few nights at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary (http://www.khamarhinosanctuary.org.bw) near the town of Serowe. Khama is a small private community…… Continue reading Up close and personal

Raining cats and dogs in the Okavango Delta

Blogged by AnneĀ  The Okavango Delta is the star of Southern Africa’s wildlife areas and an important world heritage site. It is the largest delta in the world, and is unique in that the river doesn’t flow into the sea, but rather seeps away into the Kalahari desert. If it wasn’t for a quirk of…… Continue reading Raining cats and dogs in the Okavango Delta