Stupa Troopers – three things to love about Myanmar

Blogged by Anne   We had a flight booked to Singapore and a little under 2 weeks free before heading to Thailand for Tammy and Andrew’s wedding so we searched Singapore to ‘anywhere’ on Skyscanner and looked at the three cheapest destinations – Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Yangon. Although Dave has been to Myanmar, I…… Continue reading Stupa Troopers – three things to love about Myanmar

Ending on a high

Guest blogged by AnneMost people seem to associate Colombia with the drug-fueled violence of the Pablo Escobar years and decades of guerrilla war. These days, the country has really cleaned up its act and is enjoying much more political and economic stability. Although still a third world country (with a minor guerrilla problem), a lot…… Continue reading Ending on a high

Ocean to Ocean

Many of the backpackers I’ve met in Guatemala had decided to skip both Honduras and El Salvador and head directly to Nicaragua (because of safety concerns) so I was interested to see what these two countries were actually like. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America with a typically turbulent history involving…… Continue reading Ocean to Ocean