It’s fun to go to the seaside

A day exploring the amazing temples of Hampi, followed by some R&R over New Years in Goa


Highs and lows in Slovenia

Blogged by Dave Slovenia has been a place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, but it has always been a little too difficult to manage, either in terms of getting a visa or finding an easy flight or train into the country. Fortunately it is now a Schengen country, which sorts out the…… Continue reading Highs and lows in Slovenia

Battle of the Baltics: Round 3 – Lithuania

Blogged by Anne    From Riga, we jumped onto a 5 hour bus to the Lithuanian town of Klaipeda. We were only there to catch a ferry, but there was a massive (possibly naval themed) festival on when we arrived and so we stopped to sample the local sausage and beer as well as a…… Continue reading Battle of the Baltics: Round 3 – Lithuania