Zakouma showing off

BLOG Zakouma-3031BLOG Zakouma-2854BLOG Zakouma-2848BLOG Zakouma-2649BLOG Zakouma-2547BLOG Zakouma-2508-2BLOG Zakouma-2357BLOG Zakouma-1901lrm_export_286637634783854_20190502_1458323628420402619377638481.jpeglrm_export_286650594534373_20190502_1458453213850026484318953673.jpeg

BLOG Zakouma-9992
Not too sure what these two fish eagle were doing lying on the wet ground…
BLOG Zakouma-9950
Carmine bee-eaters having an insect feast after the rain
BLOG Zakouma-9752
A little green bee-eater

BLOG Zakouma-9685

BLOG Zakouma-9540
A red-cheeked cordon-bleu
BLOG Zakouma-9334
A hunting hamerkop

BLOG Zakouma-9208

BLOG Zakouma-9081
A pair of abyssinian ground hornbills

BLOG Zakouma-8976BLOG Zakouma-8970BLOG Zakouma-0566BLOG Zakouma-0562

BLOG Zakouma-0513
One of the many civets we saw on our night drives

BLOG Zakouma-0481

BLOG Zakouma-0465
This sacred ibis followed this slightly injured crocodile around, constantly pecking at his bloody tail
BLOG Zakouma-0402
A very well camouflaged scops owlet

BLOG Zakouma-0092

BLOG Zakouma-0108
An important lesson in searching for food
BLOG Zakouma-0084
A family of four-banded sandgrouse
BLOG Zakouma-0062
An abyssinian roller – the regional equivalent of the lilac breasted roller found in southern Africa
BLOG Zakouma-0007
A juvenile bateleur eagle

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