Gallery – Ambon to Triton Bay

Here are some photos from our diving trip on board the Raja Ampat Aggressor travelling from Ambon to Triton Bay in Indonesia. You can find the full blog post here.

Another magnificent Indo sunset
A shrimp in an anemone
A carpet of garden eels
A giant frogfish
A nudibranch making its way across some hard coral
A long nose hawkfish hiding in black coral
A well camouflaged ragged scorpionfish
A semi-transparent whip coral goby
A slightly weather-beaten giant moray
A long nose hawkfish hiding on a gorgonian coral. We discovered on this trip that they eat pygmy sea horses, which made us like them quite a bit less.
A curious toby
A Dave rising from the deep
An orangutan crab in an anemone
A beautiful nudibranch spotted on a night dive
A rare robust ghost pipefish
Possibly the largest number of squat lobsters we’ve ever seen on a single coral
A juvenile scorpionfish
One of the bagans that the whale sharks hang around
A close encounter with a whale shark tail



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