City of Gold

Guest blogged by Anne

After leaving Dave in Manila, I had a short flight to Hong Kong followed by a Dorminoct and a lovely sleep on the SAA flight back to Johannesburg.

In Joburg, I’m staying in a largely self catering house in a suburb called Parktown North.

Magnificent Joburg sunset


The house comes complete with a gardener and two maids as well as a butler / part time cook character called Danny. Food is great although heavy on the chilli. And someone left far too many Magnums in the fridge for my waistline, fortunately they are mostly mint flavored. There is a great entertainment system but every time I turn it on Idols is playing.

The house in Parktown North
Butler Danny in action


Danny at leisure


Traditional Joburg drink
Delicious cauliflower and broccoli based meal
Idols on the entertainment system
I think this is the cause of the Idols


I’ve spent the week doing a bit of work in order to earn a bit of cash. It’s been a bit lonely without Dave but I’ve made up for it by buying myself these:



Dave is off to Myanmar on Sunday and I’m off to Cape Town….


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