Dauin & Anilao – some additional photos

Here are some additional photos from our dives around Dauin and Anilao (see Muck and Ani-wow for the other photos). WARNING – there are a lot of photos.

Dauin / Apo Island

A mantis shrimp in his hole

A Crinoid squat lobster

A nudibranch

A sea horse trying to look inconspicuous

A friendly wonderpus (a first for us)


2 nudibranchs

Another roughsnout ghost pipefish

A frogfish

A tiny cowry

Two Pegasus seamoths

An unusual reptilian snake eel

A TINY frogfish

The same frogfish from a different angle

A seahorse trying to avoid eye contact


Diving over an artificial reef made from truck tyres

A much larger frogfish

Another frogfish found on the artificial reef

A banded boxer shrimp

One of the many juvenile razor wrasses we saw in Dauin

There were sooooo many huge garden eels everywhere

A decorator crab


A small ornate ghost pipefish

These weird sand burrowing prawns were everywhere on the night dives

A beautiful flying gurnard

A large harp shell

A small scorpion fish looking a lot like a naughty puppy



More nudis

Another seahorse

A huge crab living in a tyre

A cowfish

Skeleton shrimps on parade


Couldn’t find this one in the fish books

A big red frogfish

Mushroom coral pipefish!

A peacock mantis shrimp going for a stroll


An unusually friendly jawfish
An unusually friendly jawfish


This little long nosed hawkfish tried to bite Anne




A soft coral cowry surrounded by crabs and shrimps

Another soft coral cowry

A type of soft coral crab

Another photo of a soft coral crab

A terrible photo of a very elusive Crinoid shrimp



A blue ribbon eel

A yellow ribbon eel

A tiny coconut octopus. The blurry things around it are tiny swimming shrimps which formed clouds on the night dives

A tiny and rare commensural crab found on sea cucumbers

A bizarre and undescribed worm that we saw on a night dive

Emperor shrimp on a starfish


A long sought after spindle cowry

A cockatoo waspfish


A pretty harp shell


A shell we found crawling across the sand


A couple of anemone crabs



A really bizarre crab that we haven’t identified



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