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Dauin is a village about 15km south of Dumaguete famous for its muck diving. Most tropical diving involves diving sites which are covered by coral; muck diving, however, involves diving areas with sandy or rocky bottoms. All sorts of weird and wonderful creatures live in the sand and creatures tend to congregate around any object which gives some cover like a rock, a bit of coral or even rubbish. In comparison to other places we’ve mucked dived, Dauin has good visibility and some bigger creatures like turtles and barracuda hanging around, along with a massive variety of critters. Apparently it is even better in the high season which is January to April. Muck diving gives you a chance to see species like frog fish (sorry Mike) and pipe fish which are ordinarily rare and hard to find.


Commensal shrimp

Rough snout ghost pipe fish



Dave’s frog fish

Peacock mantis shrimp

Ornate ghost pipe fish

My frog fish


We took zillions of pictures so I will add some more in a separate post as usual.

Diving in Dauin is all shore based so you wade in from the beach. We stayed at a place called Bongo Bongo divers which was a really cheap backpacker / home stay with a very professional dive operation (less than ZAR200 per room per night and averaging R300 per dive). We could walk to some of the dive sites from Bongo Bongo and got to the others via small truck or tricycle (the Filipino equivalent of a tuk tuk). If there is a strong current there is a risk of a long walk back with all your gear but that only happened to us once.

Walking from Bongo Bongo to the dive site

River crossing

Kitting up at the small truck

Diving by tricycle

Four divers and all their gear on a tricycle (including Marvin our fantastic guide)

Apo Island is about a 45 minute boat ride from Dauin and has some really impressive corals. We did a 3 dive day trip which was really enjoyed.


More nudibranchs

Massive school of jacks

We may have to publish a nudibranch guidebook


Anenome fish not attacking us for a change

Gorgeous coral



More Turtling


Leaf scorpionfish

Turtle from below


Next stop is Anilao, a place very close to Manila which is also famous for critters and then it’s home time for me for a hot shower and some rest for my ears after 60 plus dives.


We stayed and dived with

Good meals at and




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