Scuba in the Solomon Islands

Here are some more diving pictures from the Bilikiki. All taken by Anne or David on a Canon Powershot D30. No housing or strobes.

Razor fish
Banana slug laying eggs
Banana slug eggs
Schooling barracuda


Wall of barracuda
More barracudas


The Dave
Jack highway
Anemome fish


Triangle crab
Porcupine fish


Giant clam
Butterfly fishes


Anenome fish


Mysterious sea grass fish
Ghost pipe fish
Glow-in-the-dark nudibranch


Hammerhead nudibranch
Anenome shrimp
Porcelain crab
Crinoid squat lobster
Bat cave
Crocodile fish


Flat worm
Anne’s favourite – long nose hawk fish
American WW2 junk
WW2 truck
Prettiest nudi ever
Velutinid (type of shell)
Pipefish romance


Two spot blenny
Coral garden


Dave from below

5 thoughts on “Scuba in the Solomon Islands

  1. Cant remember which adventure story it was and whether it was Hal or his naughty younger brother who got stuck in a giant clam but seeing these pics you can well imagine one of those clams trapping you in its vice like grip!

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