Fiji, where Hawaiian shirts go on holiday

Guest blogged by Anne

Our loyal fans (i.e. Leonie) have been agitating for another blog post but we have been far too busy doing things to blog about to have time to blog for the past few days. Those piña coladas aren’t going to drink themselves you know. Thanks to everyone who has been following our adventure so far, we appreciate the likes and comments.

Our journey since the last post:
– 1 night at home being treated to a tasty last supper prepared by the Hills and our little Danny who even baked brownies. Our little boy is growing up so fast…
– Frantic packing followed by overnight flight to Hong Kong (14 hours)
– 1 night in Hong Kong
– Overnight flight to Fiji (10 more hours) followed by 3 hour drive to Volivoli Beach Resort

We love Hong Kong but only had time for a whirlwind visit. Enough for a bit of (planned) shopping, a delicious Szechuan meal and a great catch up with some of Dave’s old workmates from 12 years ago in the UK – Sam and Phil and Phil’s girlfriend Rebecca. A few typical Hong Kong scenes:

Times Square
Peking ducks
Beer and kimchi
Weird dried stuff
Hong Kong airport

We forgot to take a picture of Phil, Rebecca and Sam…

Some Fiji fast facts:
Location: This is the furthest I have ever been from home. More than 13 000km with a 10 hour time difference. That’s jet lag with bells on.
Food: Fijian cuisine is heavily influenced by the large population of Indian origin which is here because of indentured labour brought in under the British to work the sugar cane fields. Lots of fresh seafood and fragrant curries and a delicious ceviche-with-coconut dish called Kokoda. Although too many bananas for my liking.
Dress: Hawaiian-style shirts appear to be compulsory. Doesn’t matter whether you are staff or guest. Dave is such a disappointment in his black t-shirt.
Drink: The local tipple is Fiji Bitter or Fiji Gold served in these weird little ‘stubbies’:




Of course being a sugar cane centered economy, they have plenty of cane based things, including this:


Fortunately for me, we are close to New Zealand and that means reasonably priced and delicious Kiwi wine. Most of the visitors are Kiwis too which is great, with a sprinkling of locals, Ozzies and the odd American and Brit.

This is probably the smartest place we will stay on this part of the trip and it is almost annoyingly beautiful with #nofilter sunset shots around every corner. A few examples of scenery and food:


Room with a view
Coffee with a view
Jogging with a view
More sunset


The Volivoli beach
Traditional dancing
Chicken curry
Night sky
Super friendly Volivoli team
Swim up beer


Swim up bar
Swim up palm tree


Diving wise, we have done four dives, two in the bay and two in the “Bligh waters” of Captain Bligh from the mutinee on the Bounty fame. Coral is spectacular with a wide variety of types and colors and stacks of soft coral. Really amazing Gorgonian fans. Lots of pretty reef fish and the occasional queen mackerel and school of jacks but a bit short on variety of fish and very short on critters. Gorgeous structures and amazing visibility especially in the Bligh. We also did a nice shark dive with quite a few reef sharks and a small school of barracuda passing by but not in good enough viz for pics. Water temp is about 26/27 so there was one girl in shorts and a rashy, one in a 7mm and everything in between. I didn’t bring my proper camera gear but I’ve been experimenting with Dave’s new Canon (an amazing thing which can go to 25 meters WITHOUT a housing) so here are a few snaps:




Zebra fish
Amazing stag horn coral and viz
Gorgeous soft corals
More amazing coral
The Dave


A few links from this part of the trip:

Dive into the Heart of Fiji

(I review as MakGirl)

By the way, Will has uploaded his shot of Erol getting hit on the head by the whale which you can find here along with his other amazing photos:


That’s all for now, next stop Vanuatu…


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