And so it begins – hunting for some sardine action in Port St Johns

After a lot of running around doing some home and travel admin over the past 4 weeks, I’m finally off! Anne and I have travelled down to Port St Johns on South Africa’s Wild Coast (together with Erol & Elke) to hopefully catch some of the annual Sardine Run. This is a massive migration of sardines up South Africa’s east coast which attracts thousands of predator all trying to get a piece of the action. Our next 6 days will be spent on a small boat cruising up and down the coast looking for any action. Not something for people who get seasick!

On the way down to PSJ we spend a fabulous night at Hartford House in the Natal Midlands.


This historic house has one of the top restaurants in South Africa and the meal certainly didn’t disappoint.

Our menu and meal








The next morning we woke up to a beautiful misty morning, and after a huge breakfast we headed down to PSJ.


We took the scenic route via Underberg, passing some spectacular views of the southern Drakensberg. We got into PSJ just before 4pm, in time to see the setting sun lighting up the cliffs surrounding our hotel – a great way to end a long car journey!



We’ll be heading off early tomorrow for our first day on the water and hopefully some sardine action!


3 thoughts on “And so it begins – hunting for some sardine action in Port St Johns

  1. Glad this blog is up and running. I anticipate it to generate much envy… but first post, a dose of nostalgia, having schooled in Mooi River, walking to class through misty bluegums, and spending some good away weekends with a classmate whose family home was (and still is I think) Hartford House!

    Hope you catch the sardine run.

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